Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ODOT Now Implementing ShakeCast Software

Scott Harvey
The Oklahoma Department of Transportation  reported in a press release dated Monday, August 7 that it is now implementing ShakeCast, a program originally created by the U.S. Geological Survey. CEES assistant professor Scott Harvey and professor K.K. Muraleetharan implemented ShakeCast for ODOT in collaboration with ODOT bridge engineers and Infrastructure Engineers, Inc. of Edmond..  The program is designed to assist ODOT employees to quickly prioritize which bridges need to be inspected immediately after an earthquake. 

“This technology is one of the biggest advances in ensuring public safety that I’ve seen in my 30-year career at the department,” said Casey Shell, ODOT chief engineer.  “By comparing state bridge data with the severity of an earthquake’s ground motions, ShakeCast will allow us to inspect fewer bridges but with a much greater degree of confidence that we could quickly find any potential damage.”

K.K. Muraleetharan
“This has been an incredible opportunity for the University of Oklahoma to play a central role in addressing a problem of state significance and national interest,” said Harvey.  “My colleagues and I are very excited that we have been able to save ODOT time and money, as well as easing some of the concern surrounding Oklahoma’s earthquake activity.”  Read more......