Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sooners Without Borders Returns to El Salvador

SWB students and advisors spent their Thanksgiving week in El Salvador working on several water projects for a second year in a row. The 11 students spent most of their time installing a solar-powered water pump system and digging and preparing a garden for a school in San Hilario. Because of the new well and pump, the school can now grow fruits and vegetables year-round, even during the dry season. The tank, well, pump and solar panels were purchased using donations from two Rotary clubs in California.

In addition to the work at San Hilario, SWB students collected data on a major water system that provides water to about 400 families scattered over four to five villages. They plan to model the system and make recommendations on extending well water to a second storage tank to supply additional water demand. This work is being led by the Engineers Without Borders professional chapter in Iowa City, Iowa. Both tanks were funded by a Rotary Foundation Global Grant.