Monday, February 9, 2015

Environmental Science/Engineering Capstone Project to Develop Plan for City of Grove

Sampling at Grove Springs Park
The Spring 2015 Environmental Science/Engineering capstone project will address water flowing in Grove Springs Park near Grove, Oklahoma.  The actual spring still flows crystal clear water, but its water quality is impacted in the park by urban drainage that is full of nutrients such as sediments, trash and algae.  The combined flow works its way out to Wolf Creek Park. The project will involve collecting and analyzing upstream and downstream samples on both drainages and the combined flow. The resulting data will be used to develop a low impact development, best management practice for the park to address urban storm water quality.  Student design teams will work with Mr. Sam Grasso (an active local citizen leader) and the Grove City Manager and Public Works Director as well as other staff. The students will present their results to the City of Grove City Council on Tuesday, April 21.