Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CEES Professor Yang Hong Publishes New Book

Motivated by innovative technologies, such as satellite remote sensing and data assimilation which can advance the water sciences and applications, CEES professor Yang Hong, together with his former doctoral students, has published a book that presents a collection of recent innovative hydrology-relevant capacity building research conducted over emerging regions with inadequate observations. The book particularly addresses the challenges and opportunities of global water security. It also reviews the multiple satellite remote sensing observations for water cycles in emerging regions and over the globe, the application of satellite remote sensing in hydrological modeling and data assimilation, and the hydrological capacity building from the NASA Applied Science Program and the HyDROS group at OU over the past decade. Hong compiled the text from his years of lecture material and his group’s cumulative scientific research results. The book aims to provide a hydrological research brochure for governmental officials, researchers, students, and practitioners in the fields of hydrology, remote sensing, meteorology and climate science. The book can be purchased through this link.